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Archery Trap Accessories  

Archery Trap Accessories

A complete range of accessories and release systems are available from CPC for your Phoenix Archery Trap including ambidextrous bows, flu-flu arrows, the new Safe Arrows, and replacement targets.

Optional release triggers include a foot release, wireless, and a voice controlled system and now the NEW Automatic Target Release Timer.

Click here to download the Laporte Archery Bow Archery Guide


Archery Targets

Our bespoke targets are light, safe, UV resistant, non-toxic, waterproof and will not disintegrate. Made from high density foam, the targets efficiently stop the arrows. The 'safe arrows' just bounce off with a satisfying sound while our flu-flu arrows pierce the target but are easily extracted. 

Our targets are designed to be long lasting and should last for many years. We manufacture two sizes of targets:

  • The 25cm target can be used by both the 65T25 and the 20T25/33 (with an adaptor). Each target can withstand at least 500 hits from our flu-flu arrows. Therefore, if one in four targets is hit by a flu-flu a set of 65targets (for the 65T25) will last for about 130,000 launches. Each target weighs just 110 grams.
  • The 33cm target can only be used by the 20T25/33. With twice the surface area it is easier to hit than its smaller brother and can withstand more than 1000 hits per target by our carbon fibre flu-flus. The 33 cm target weighs 220 grams.

Of course, when used with our 'safe arrows', these targets will last indefinitely.

Warning: Our archery targets have been specifically manufactured to work with the Phoenix archery trap. Using other products may cause injuries or render the machine unsafe and will void your warranty cover.

Arrows – flu-flu

Our flu-flu arrows are specifically designed for bow shooting at moving targets.  Made of carbon, the arrows have the precision, strength and durability to provide hours of enjoyment. The tail feathers are oversized to reduce the speed and distance travelled by the arrow for safety purposes.

Arrows – 'Safe Arrows'

Similar to the standard flu-flu arrows as detailed above but with a soft foam head fitted to the arrowhead, making them ideal for use indoors or in small areas.

Warning: Do not use arrows with smaller tail feathers than those supplied with the machine as these are specifically designed for use with the Laporte equipment. The same is true of the bows. Do not use a stronger bow than those supplied by Laporte.

The Ambidextrious Bow

Our bows have suitable draw weights for beginners and can be used by both left and right handed archers.

Arm Guard

Our ergonomic arm guard will prevent potential friction from the string of the bow. One size fits all, with elasticised bands for easy adjustment.

Optional Release – Automatic Target Release Timer

With this new release the targets are thrown at regular intervals of your choice; from 5 seconds (which is perfect for the new sport of SPEED ARCHERY) to 25 seconds. A pre-launch indicator flashes, warning participants 1.5 seconds in advance of the target launching. This self-launching timer allows for hands-free continual target release. By automatically releasing the targets, an operator is not necessary, which is convenient for the coach and/or archers.

Optional Release – Foot Release

A simple foot release trigger making it possible for solo users to start the machine with a simple pressure on the foot switch.

Optional Release – Wireless Release

The radio remote release system allows you to launch a target from a distance.

Optional Release – Voice Release

A voice controlled release system that allows you to launch a target by simply shouting 'pull'.  

Laporte Archery

Environmentally friendly and a fast 2 second re-arming cycle make the Phoenix 65T25 perfect for outdoor use and competitive sport. The trap launches foam targets into the air. A group of archers stands 8 to 10 metres from the machine and all aim at the same target. This sport is addictive and all ages enjoy the competitive atmosphere. Laporte offers a choice of two models of archery trap: The 65T25 holds 65 x 25 cm targets in a carousel and throws them in any trajectory from horizontal (rabbit), to vertical (teal), to a height of 17 metres. The 20T25/33 has a capacity of 20 targets in a magazine. A choice of 33 cm targets or the 25 cm targets (with adaptor) may be used. The standard machine will fire a teal but adaptors will enable looper and rabbit trajectories.

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