Clay products



The CPC MINI clay target

A 60mm dia optional target used in sporting. Mainly used as a driven target due to its size. Visually looks very testing.

Available in either black or orange.


Size: diameter 60mm, height 25mm.

Weight: 36 grams.

Available colours: black, orange.


Quantity per box: 408.

Approx weight per box: 16kgs.

Boxes per pallet: 18 boxes (Euro pallet).


Laporte Flash Clays

A 110mm dia standard clay with a coloured powder underneath to give a coloured 'flash' when shot. Used mainly in World and Olympic finals. Very visual. Available in orange with various powder colours available on request. Quantity per box 150 Approx weight per box 19 kgs Boxes per pallet 55 boxes (Euro pallet)

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