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185PC Battue

Derived from the sporting machine, the 185PC Battue has already been widely proven in numerous competitions. The 185PC Battue lets you launch battue targets right side up and upside down.

Simple to use, robust and reliable, it has a capacity of 400 battue clays and offers a throwing distance of 100 metres.

Note:- images do not represent the new models, please call our team on 01949 843 777 if you require assistance.


Clay magazine: 400 clays

Clay Targets: Battue - normal way or upside down

Re-cocking times: 1.8 seconds

Warranty: 3 years (consumable items exempt)

Throwing specification: Up to 110m (if fitted with red spring)

Power: Comes 12v as standard, 230v available as special order


Out of the box: Supplied with 50 metre water resistant release cable.

Options: Radio release, acoustic release, 12volt battery, heavy duty trolley.

Approx weight: 75 kgs

Approx height: 0.7m

Clay Pigeon Company Laporte GS3

Our after-sales service technicians are not surprised to regularly see Laporte machines of over thirty years of age passing through their hands and still working. This exceptional lifespan is our added value and our trademark since 1927. Fully assembled by hand by our specialised technical team, each of our machines is voluntarily oversized and enjoys a corrosion resistant treatment. In addition, being constructed of more than 60 % aluminium alloy, our machines do no alter with time and have a moderate weight.

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