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Phoenix 20T25/33 

The Laporte Phoenix 20T25/33 Archery Trap

The Phoenix 20T25/33 is ideally suited for leisure or competition shooting at archery clubs, clay shooting grounds, golf clubs, country hotels, summer camps, schools, leisure resorts, corporate entertainment and many more venues.

No noise, no pollution, easy to set up and is suitable for all ages and abilities.


Target magazine: 20 targets

Archery Targets: 33cm and 25cm UV resistant, abrasive resistant, waterproof and non toxic, made from high density foam and allow for easy arrow extraction. The target rings are clearly visible with a prominent bulls-eye, and each target can withstand in excess of 500 impacts. After each impact the elasticised properties enable the target to regain its shape. The machine throws a 33cm target as standard and a simple adaptor allows a 25cm target to be fired.

Warranty: 2 years (consumable items exempt).

Throwing specification: the standard model throws a vertical (teal) target and a near vertical looper. Adaptors enable loopers and rabbits (horizontal) to be thrown. Fast re-arming (2 seconds).

Power: 12v battery only.


Out of the box: supplied with 25 metre water resistant release cable, starter kit includes 20 x targets, 5 x bows, 60 x flu-flu arrows, 5 x wrist guards.

Options: trolley, adaptor to take 25cm targets, adaptors for looper and rabbit throwing of targets. Automatic Target Release Timer, radio release, foot release, 12volt battery. 'Safe arrows' and additional flu-flu arrows, bows and wrist guard kits available. Replacement targets available.

Approx weight: 75kg (with trolley).

Laporte Archery

Environmentally friendly and a fast 2 second re-arming cycle make the Phoenix 65T25 perfect for outdoor use and competitive sport. The trap launches foam targets into the air. A group of archers stands 8 to 10 metres from the machine and all aim at the same target. This sport is addictive and all ages enjoy the competitive atmosphere. Laporte offers a choice of two models of archery trap: The 65T25 holds 65 x 25 cm targets in a carousel and throws them in any trajectory from horizontal (rabbit), to vertical (teal), to a height of 17 metres. The 20T25/33 has a capacity of 20 targets in a magazine. A choice of 33 cm targets or the 25 cm targets (with adaptor) may be used. The standard machine will fire a teal but adaptors will enable looper and rabbit trajectories.

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